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The Importance of Home Maintenance

Homeminders is not alone in touting good home maintenance habits. The articles and resources listed here are from a wide range of media outlets and sources, and they share a common thread: Routine home maintenance saves time, money and headaches. These downloads are in Adobe Acrobat— so if you don't have that already, download Adobe Acrobat now.


Preventive Home Maintenance Guide.FCS-440
North Carolina State Univeristy
Family and Consumer Sciences

"Why should you do regular home maintenance?

  • To maintain the value of the property.
  • A well-maintained home usually sells more readily and usually brings a higher price.
  • A well-maintained house is more comfortable.
  • Regular care and minimizes unexpected repair work and expense.
  • Regular small repairs keep costs from becomming larger.
  • A lender's agreement usually requires the owner to maintain the property to protect the lender's financial interest."

Home Product Life Expectancy Is Changing
July 31, 2007

"The reasonable lifespan of any home component depends on the quality of installation, level of care/maintenance, weather or climate conditions and the intensity of use. Of these factors, most experts agree that the regularity and the quality of maintenance plays the biggest factor in the life expectancy for the average home product."

Project Property:Must do home maintenance
Bobby Sisk/WCNC
November 14, 2007

"When you look at your possessions, your house is likely one of the biggest investments most of us will ever have. …a little maintenance now can save you big headaches later."

Increasing Your Home's Value

Sarah Kiff
Newsweek Web Exclusive
Oct 5, 2007

"Maintenance pays off—big time. A house's condition can be critical to the appraiser's or potential buyer's impression, because it indicates the homeowner's attitude toward his property. 'A well-maintained house tells the buyer that you've taken care of your property and care about it,' says Dunkin."

Foreclosure firms handle maintenance issues, face heartaches
Paul Brinkman
South Florida Business Journal
Friday, September 21,2007
With dozens of such homes entering the market every day, maintenance and upkeep is a growing issue…

All About Maintenance
Careful maintenance can pay off when it’s time to sell your home. A neat, well-maintained property can be expected to generate more interest, and more likely a faster sale for a better price, than a comparable house in less desirable condition."

Homeowner Preparation Can Help Save Houses in California Wildfires
Tile Roofing Institute

Home Maintenance: Maintaining the exterior of your home can greatly reduce the risk of fire. Roofs and gutters should be cleaned regularly. Trees and shrubs should be kept pruned, and dried vegetation and debris should be cleared away from foundations and underneath decks.

Did You Know?
Don’t just throw it away! Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours, or the same amount of energy as a half a gallon of gasoline.