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Purchasing Gift Subscriptions

Follow these steps to purchase additional gift subscriptions:

  1. After logging in to Homeminders as a sponsor, you will be placed on the 'My Account' tab. On this page, select the 'Purchase Subscriptions' button that appears in the light blue shaded area containing the on your Home page.

  2. On the page that appears you can enter then number of gift subscriptions you would like to purchase. When you tab out of the quantity field, the proce will recalculate to reflect the new total you will be charged.

  3. When the proper quantity has been selected, simply click the 'Purchase Now' button and your order will be placed in the shopping cart and you will be guided through a servies of screens to complete the purchase. The subscriptions will be available to be given away immedialtely after the purchase process is complete.

Note: Since we use a shopping cart to process the orders, you may encounter a situation where the cart has more items in it than you may have expected. In this case when you are at the cart, simply check the 'Delete' checkbox and click the 'Update Cart' button. This will cause the item to be removed from your cart. Once this is done simply repeat the instructions above.