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Gale T. Boyd

manderson.jpgGale T. Boyd studied English at the University of California Santa Barbara and Brigham Young University. She has taught high school English, Creative Writing, and Psychology, and began writing and directing plays for youth.

Ms. Boyd has written and published in every genre except prose fiction. A published poet, she was a guest artist for special school district writing programs. She designed curricula for gifted students and taught in small alternative schools. She then set out on a 14-year international adventure with her husband and children, when she taught English as a Second Language in Jerusalem, AP English in Cyprus, and Sunday School in Dublin.

Stricken with fibromyalgia, she launched into years of research on health and environmental issues, leading to her complete recovery. She now lectures regularly on hormone balance, toxin awareness, and auto-immune response. She has developed a self-help protocol and maintains a Website to help other fibromyalgia sufferers. Learn more about fibromyalgia at www.fibroself-help.com.

Ms. Boyd’s household experience and world-view give her an edge when discussing home and hearth; she has 6 children, 7 grandchildren, and a constant flow of young guests. She believes a household should be clean, organized, and prepared for any emergency—unfortunately, she’s not yet achieved that. Someday, she hopes to say that the furnace is maintained, the grass is mowed, there’s room in the garage for the car, the cookies are baking, the dishes are done, and an organic garden flourishes outside. Perhaps Homeminders can help!

Gale's Articles

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