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Ray Kamada

Ray KamadaRay Kamada holds a Ph.D. in atmospheric science. As a former professor of physics at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, he has a strong background in home energy conservation. He has traveled in many parts of the country as a California Real Estate Broker and solar Energy Consultant, and served for 5 years as editor for the Solar Energy Journal.

Conservation Expert

Ray has published 65 research papers in solar energy, air pollution, and non-linear fluid dynamics.

Ray currently remodels and retrofits homes for energy efficiency. He believes in the importance of energy conservation. "We only have a generation to implement as much of it as we can," he says. "That's not a lot of time to change a global perspective."

A resident of the Pacific Northwest, Ray, his wife, and three cats downsized from a 3,300 ft.² house and two office spaces to a 1,250 ft.² suite, less than 1/4 of their old energy footprint.

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