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Save time and money while you protect your most expensive asset!

Our Goal is to:
"Give you advance warning before something potentially costly or dangerous happens and provide advice on how to prevent it or make it easier to recover."

Jack Cleeves,
Founder Exigence Software, LLC

Homeminders was developed by Exigence Software, LLC to provide homeowners with an easy solution to prevent maintenance related damage, deliver notification of severe weather warnings, and provide tools to help you stay organized around your home. The key features and benefits include:

  • Save time and money
  • Learn ways to keep everyone in your home safer
  • Keep your home running efficiently
  • Securely upload photos, warranty documents and other record keeping information
  • Make and manage a To-Do list for home maintenance projects
  • Read and learn from over 300 articles and checklists
  • Manage and find contractors

Since launching in 2006, we've been pleased to support homeowners and the customers of our corporate clients as they endeavor to maintain and protect their property and improve the value of it when they're ready to sell.

It's easy to get started! Homeminders web-based technology automatically builds an on-line, personalized property home profile (you can manage three different properties on one subscription). Once logged in, our proprietary, expert-based reminder system selects from over 600 different tasks (check, replace, repair or maintain) and assigns monthly reminders that are appropriate for the rooms, items and appliances in your home. These reminders are available to review on line and the high priority reminders are also emailed each month. The WeatherSafe feature automatically notifies you when a property is potentially in the path of severe weather and provides advice on how to best prepare, react and recover.

Note: Homeminders is not a generic e-newsletter. It’s a web application that provides personalized advice based on the property and the information input by you - the homeowner or received from the National Weather Service (WeatherSafe).

View our short demo to see other important features and benefits.

You can learn more about our company, product and leadership team using the links to the right and we encourage you to contact us using the tab above!

The Homeminders Team!

The Exigence team is dedicated to help protect our fragile environment. Because Homeminders is paperless and is sent, received and stored electronically, our product saves trees, eliminates shipping/mailing generated pollution and reduces the landfill requirements associated with discarded junk mail.

Homeminders encourages homeowners to recycle, save energy, and service and maintain household systems to extend their useful life. Increasing the usable life of appliances saves energy, conserves valuable natural resources, reduces landfills needs, and protects groundwater.

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