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John O'Melveny Woods

jWoods.jpgJohn has been President of two major corporations during the past 20 years; the last being a major print brokering company with facilities in the Philippines. In the early 1990s, he attended USC Film School in the writers' track, and has since written several screen plays, television pilots, and books.

John O'Melveny Woods founded indieTVä in 1997, which has been a pioneer in interactive television with such partners as Microsoft Corporation. 10MInuteWIn™ is his first non-fiction book, and he is currently writing two other non-fiction books: The Jesse James Enigma and The Grass is Greener. He is also working on an action-adventure novel called The Seekers™.

John believes that there is a marriage between finding information and entertainment, where people can actually enjoy the process of learning. In fact, that’s what brought him to Homeminders. It gives him a chance to discover through researching different subjects relevant to homeowners, and then develop creative ways to convey them to Homeminders readers.

On a personal front, John has lived on 18 acres outside Seattle, Washington for the past 10 years, and enjoys the help he gets as a homeowner from the articles on Homeminders. He’s wondering, though, if or when there will be a series of articles on chainsaws—so he can clear up some of the mess after the last windstorm!

John's Articles

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