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What's New at Homeminders?

Since launching in 2006, Homeminders has grown and expanded in content, services and features. You can learn about these features and the benefits they'll provide below:


Weather AlertsWeather Alerts

Homeminders will alert you by email when weather warnings are issued. You will be given instructions specific to your property on what to do to prepare for the weather event.


Vacation ChecklistVacation Checklist

Plan your vacation and go without worrying about your home. An email will be sent to you and others you designate with information about how to prepare before your vacation.


New DashboardProperty Overview

The new Homeowner Dashboard gives you an overview of your entire house in one glance so you can determine what rooms need attention most.


To Do ListTo Do List

Organize the tasks you plan to tackle this weekend, or make a shopping list to get what you need for this month's Reminders.


Document VaultingDocument Vaulting

Homeowners can now upload documents and attach them to either inventory items or actual reminders.


Search and Contact ContractorsContractors

Search ServiceMagic's database of over 51,000 pre-screened and rated contractors right from Homeminders, and email contractors for new projects or reminders we've sent you.


Web ServicesWeb Services

For large data uploads and enterprise level partners, the Homeminders application now has the capability to batch upload users and properties through a Web-based interface.


Email CustomizationEmail Customization

Sponsors or community managers can provide a custom introductory paragraph on the monthly Homeminders email, or stick with the timely messages that Homeminders provides.


Homebuilders' Community PageHomebuilders

For homeowners in established communities, Homeminders provides a page where homebuilders can post information about the community and property.


Ads and PromotionsAds and Promotions

Recognize key players and products in your business —simply specify which ads to display for each client, and their dashboard remains custom, unique to situation.