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Finally! An affordable and effective online home maintenance service!

Homeminders offers a web-based subscription service to be purchased by individual homeowners or given by home professionals to their clients.

For only $79, homeowners can buy a two-year subscription to Homeminders. Your subscription provides:

  • Two years of anytime access to your personalized Homeminders account
  • Thousands of expert tips and advice on how to save money while you care for your home
  • Unlimited uploads of documents/photos. Plus we'll track and remind you of warranties
  • Tools for managing and finding contractors
  • Personalized monthly reminder emails (you can customize, add and delete your own)
  • Real-time severe weather warnings plus advice on how to protect people and property

Register for a Homeowner Subscription

Professionals (real estate agents, title and mortgage officers, builders, contractors, insurance agents etc.) can buy and gift a subscription for a client. Each gifted subscription provides room for the business logo, photo and contact information so the subscription provides service and branding for the business. Ten individual two-year gift subscriptions are available for $119, or less than $12 per client. Each gift provides your client with:

  • Anytime access their personalized Homeminders account
  • Helpful, expert tips and advice on how to care for your home
  • Unlimited uploads of documents/photos
  • Tools for managing and finding contractors
  • 24 scheduled monthly reminder emails plus unlimited severe weather warnings anytime bad weather strikes!
  • Instant access to your contact information and a reminder that you’re ready to help!

Register for a Sponsor Account

Quantity discounts and volume programs are available—contact sales@homeminders.com