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Our Founders: Two Guys with a Vision


Jack Cleeves
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Dr. Lawrence W. Smith
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Jack Cleeves and Larry Smith, PhD, have known each other since the days of disco, near the beginning of their successful solo careers. They officially teamed together in 2004 to bring you Homeminders.

A Tiny Part Causes Tons of Damage

The idea for Homeminders started with just one tiny, corroded water heater fitting. That little piece ended up causing one of Jack's friends over $100,000 in water damage—damage that could have been prevented with the right maintenance. Jack told Larry about this, and they were shocked to realize that there were no products on the market that could prevent something like this from happening again.

The Origin of an Idea

See, Jack Cleeves is an experienced entrepreneur, having owned several profitable companies; Larry Smith has his own practice as a clinical psychologist specializing in Positive Psychology—the study of what goes right with people—who has found that ownership, community, and a sense of peace at home are crucial to true happiness and contentment with your life. They wanted to provide an answer to help make a positive change in your everyday life.

They came up with an idea for a very practical product that would help homeowners make easy, smart maintenance decisions, and help them transition from reacting to disasters to creating a sanctuary—all with just a little prevention.

The People Need Homeminders

With Larry's scientific input, the duo commissioned a statistical survey to be administered by WestGroup Research to learn more about the marketability of their idea. The survey covered internet-savvy homeowners all over the country and gave great insight.

The survey results were compelling: 66% of homeowners nationwide said they didn't have the time or knowledge to stay on top of home maintenance, and a majority would value and use a service like Homeminders. A second survey, done by the Harris Group, confirmed these findings.

It's a Movement

Jack and Larry, and the ever-growing team of like-minded individuals that make up the Homeminders Team, believe that Homeminders is more than a business. They are excited to help Americans reclaim their homes as the happiest places on Earth (next to Disneyland, of course).

The Exigence team is dedicated to help protect our fragile environment. Because Homeminders is paperless and is sent, received and stored electronically, our product saves trees, eliminates shipping/mailing generated pollution and reduces the landfill requirements associated with discarded junk mail.

Homeminders encourages homeowners to recycle, save energy, and service and maintain household systems to extend their useful life. Increasing the usable life of appliances saves energy, conserves valuable natural resources, reduces landfills needs, and protects groundwater.

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