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In the News: The Latest Scoop


Please note that some of the following articles and press releases refer to our former name, Homefree. The name was changed to Homeminders on April 20, 2007 to better reflect what the product does.

Ethix Media certified for Angel Investments by the Arizona Commerce Department.

 The Arizona Republic

Eight Arizona companies have been certified so far by the Arizona Commerce Department. They include…Scottsdale-based Ethix Media LLC, a Web-based service for home maintenance. Ethix has raised money through the program and intends to raise more, Chief Executive Officer Tom Blondi said. He praised the efficiency the program brings to fund-raising. "We believe it was a big factor in helping not only with the decision to invest in Ethix Media but also by speeding up the process for angel investing," he said.


"A New Strategy." Homefree featured in November 2006 REAL ESTATE Magazine.


In today’s market of change, which includes a bona fide decrease in sales—and more recently, prices—agents need a way to get their name out in front of buyers and sellers after the transaction. But how do they stay top of mind? Enter Homefree, an online, personalized toolbox created by Ethix Media that organizes and automates the process of home maintenance for homeowners long after the transaction is complete. Read full article.


Homefree helps alleviate homeowner stress.

Techliving Magazine

Even a dream home needs a little upkeep. Between work, play, kids and cars, it’s hard to remember warranties, regular home repairs, insurance information and other home necessities. Ethix Media wants to help alleviate some of the pain with Homefree, their maintenance management system.


Homefree is featured in REALTOR® Magazine’s "Cool Tools" for agents.

REALTOR Magazine, Cool Tools

Home maintenance help: With a closing gift that doubles as a two-year marketing plan, you’ll be remembered long after the sale. The online Homefree system plans and organizes home maintenance activities. Enter customers’ home details into an online form, and they’ll receive personalized e-mail reminders, stamped with your branding, on preventative upkeep. They also can access a “tool box” with checklists, tips, and articles on maintaining their home.


Homefree provides agents with edge needed to succeed.

Featured on isucceed.com

Commentary by Tom Blondi. Competition today is fierce and agents need a competitive edge to survive. Building a Web site and sending e-mails no longer offers a competitive advantage-it's just a ticket to the game. In order to succeed in today's market you need a smart referral and retention plan. You need to turn your clients into customers for life. A referral and retention plan sounds expensive and time consuming, but there is a best-kept secret that top agents don't want you to know. Homefree is a customer-for-life closing gift that gives you a 24-month campaign in less than five minutes. For only $39, you can't afford to ignore it.


Ethix Media VP of sales discusses customer relationship strategies.

Principal Broker Online

Commentary by David Gray. Let’s be honest; many agents are waiting to find the next generation of client relationship strategies. Something that acts like a CRM application, but works transparently and helps add value to the client’s life. There are several technology solutions on the market, and I encourage real estate agents to do the research and find one that works for them. Don’t forget, creating value for the customer after the transaction has to be the key.


Homefree Helps Homeowners Be Proactive About Emergency Preparedness.

Featured on Yahoo! Finance

Each year the U.S. Department of Homeland Security sponsors National Preparedness Month, a nationwide effort to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools. On Homefree.com Roger Faris, home safety expert, provides homeowners with advice and steps they can take to prepare their homes for an emergency. Homefree (www.homefree.com), a personalized, online toolbox helps simplify home maintenance for busy homeowners so they can make maintenance decisions in just minutes a month.


Homefree is the perfect answer to your client's home management needs, and a great way for you to stay in contact.


Homefree is a winning product for both homeowners and Realtors alike. While Homefree has broad features, great functionality and a superior overall design, the secret to its success lies in the fact that it fulfills a need for homeowners.

Upon first glance, Homefree appears to be just a Web-based newsletter program for homeowners, distributed via Realtors as a “branded closing gift that keeps on giving”…But don’t stop here—look underneath the hood and you’ll find the many features and components that stand to set Homefree apart in the marketplace. With a sleek design, extremely user-friendly interface, and, most importantly, a wealth of home maintenance advice, robust reminder database and lifestyle information, Homefree is more like an interactive partner for homeowners.


The potential is huge for this easy-to-use service.

The Arizona Republic

[Homefree is] quick and simple to use.

Users plug basic information about their home into the online service, and it sets up a personalized, 12-month schedule of maintenance reminders. The reminders sort tasks into high, medium and low priorities. They also tell homeowners how to perform simple tasks and estimate costs….Users also can scour the Homefree Web site for advice….The idea is to help homeowners plan, rather than react to untimely, bigger expenses such as leaky water heaters or dead air conditioners….The potential customer base for a product like Homefree is huge.


The first of its kind.

North Scottsdale Independent

Ethix Media is launching the first online home maintenance service to help homeowners better manage and care for their home[s]. Homefree (www.homefree.com) is an innovative web-based management service that enhances the homeownership experience.

See for yourself what all the talk is about, and