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Features & Benefits of Using Homeminders


Do you find homeownership a little overwhelming at times? If you are new to homeownership or could use some help remembering some important tasks around the home, we'd like to help!

Homeminders is a web-based subscription service that provides anytime access to tools and resources to make homeownership easier and more rewarding. Homeminders is full of features and benefits for homeowners.

A Homeminders subscription will provide you with access to valuable tools and resources to better manage your property, prepare for severe weather and maintain records that can be helpful in the event of a loss or when you sell the property.

For more information, see our interactive Homeowner Demo.

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Features for Homeowners


Maintenance PlanMaintenance Plan

A 2-year program unique to your client’s home is determined by their zip code and home features.

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HomemindersReminder Emails

Helpful monthly emails prioritize the tasks to be done, with details on the importance, difficulty, and steps to complete each task.

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Weather AlertsWeather Alerts

Homeminders will alert you by email when weather warnings are issued. You will be given instructions specific to your property on what to do to prepare for the weather event.


Vacation ChecklistVacation Checklist

Plan your vacation and go without worrying about your home. An email will be sent to you and others you designate with information about how to prepare before your vacation.


Document VaultingDocument Vaulting

Homeowners can now upload documents and attach them to either inventory items or actual reminders.


Home MeterHome Meter

An at-a-glance view of each home’s "maintenance health” is determined by the importance and status of reminders.

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Search and Contact ContractorsContractors

Search Service Magic's database of 50,000 licensed, insured and user-rated contractors right from Homeminders, and email contractors for new projects or reminders we've sent you.


Export to OutlookExport to Outlook

By exporting reminders to an Outlook calendar, homeowners can be reminded of maintenance tasks as they come up.

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To Do ListTo Do List

Organize the tasks you plan to tackle this weekend, or make a shopping list to get what you need for this month's Reminders.


Total CustomizationTotal Customization

Customize the details of each room, each piece of furniture, and each reminder to get the most out of Homeminders.

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Secure InventoryOnline Inventory

Keep a secure record of everything in the home for insurance purposes. Add photos and serial numbers for convenience and protection.

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You may learn more using the links to the right or, register for a Homeowner Subscription