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Customer Buzz: What Your Peers are Saying


I've had a great client response to Homeminders!

Ava P., Real Estate Agent

When I gave [Homeminders] as a closing gift it was very well received. I had clients that just went right in there and kept going back and forth. I’ve been giving it away ever since I found about it!


Homeminders is the perfect closing gift.

April R., Real Estate Agent

I don’t care to go shopping for a closing gift. If I can put something all into one package…it’s convenient, easy, they remember me and they’ll be a customer for life.

[Also,] I like to give quality gifts, and I only give things that I would like to receive. I personally use Homeminders for my home and investment properties, and it has made my life easy.


Homeminders helps me build and keep relationships with my clients.

Nicole C., Real Estate Agent

Usually after you finish a closing and complete the signing, your clients tend to forget about you. You might give them a gift such as a gift certificate or movie tickets that they forget about right after they use them. With Homeminders it stays in front of them for 2 years with your name, your information, they always know how to get a hold of you.

Homeminders helps me maintain relationships with my clients—it’s a great way to keep my name and number in front of them.


A homeowner's perspective: Homeminders helps me manage my home in less time, with less stress.

Brian J., Homeminders Homeowner

The amount of time that I spend actually maintaining the home is drastically cut... I can do 3 or 4 things at one time and then not have to remember when I did them and when I’m going to have to do them next.

When I forget about home maintenance, Homeminders won’t.

But I don't want to take their word for it—I'm ready to